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Sidewinder Buggy Page

Testing Pics
Testing Pics
Main Frame Construction
Rear Swingarm Construction
Front Swingarms Construction
Steering Setup
Brake Setup
Pedal Setup
Motor Setup
Rear Axle Setup
Cockpit Setup
Tools Used
Price List So Far...

I have taken the buggy out twice now, on the first occasion i took it out for about an hour, it went well, no problems whatsoever. I got it up to probably about 80km/h on a dirt road but ran outta space.
The second time i took it to white rock at menai with another mate who has a sidewinder, all was going well until the clutch cable broke which meant i had no clutch, managed to get it back to the trailer but that called an end to the day! Also had a problem with the grub screws coming undone on the end of the axle (holds the hub on) and also the grub screws on the drive sprocket hub on the rear axle. The grub screws came undone which meant the hub could move sideways on the axle. I will have to put it together with extra locktite and maybe even put two grub screws in each hole to make sure they dont unwind! Also the top came off my brake master cylinder lid so will have to get another one of those. I still have an edge bonnet to install as well.
But all up the buggy went well, had to wind the shocks up a bit more to make them stiffer and thats about it. I also found that i needed extra rollbar padding around where my knees hit on the frame. Some pics of the buggy finished and some testing pics below. Needs a good wash after its last outing. Paint still needs to be done. You can also see pics of the trailer i built from the edge plans.