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Sidewinder Buggy Page

Price List So Far...

Testing Pics
Main Frame Construction
Rear Swingarm Construction
Front Swingarms Construction
Steering Setup
Brake Setup
Pedal Setup
Motor Setup
Rear Axle Setup
Cockpit Setup
Tools Used
Price List So Far...

Here is a price list for all you people out there who are wondering how much certain parts will cost. This will be updated as I work my way through different stages of the buggy.

 Part Name                   Part No.  Cost A$  Supplier          Contact
 Sidewinder Plans    $72.00  The Edge Products
 40x40x2 RHS x16metres  Steel  $70.00  Ezimetal (Wetherill Pk)  (02) 97564777
 20x20x1.6 RHS x 13 metres  Steel  $30.00  Ezimetal (Wetherill Pk)  (02) 97564777
 25nb Gal Pipe x 6.5 metres  Steel  $28.00  Ezimetal (Wetherill Pk)  (02) 97564777
 76.1 mm Pipe x 555mm long  Steel  $13.00  Ezimetal (Wetherill Pk)  (02) 97564777
 100x50x2 RHS x 50cm  Steel  $14.00  Metalcorp (Penrith)  (02) 47229186
 12mm Rod x 50cm (for susp jig)  Steel  $1.50  Southern Steel (Penrith)  (02) 97922399
 200x600x6 Plate (for susp jig)  Steel  $21.15  Southern Steel (Penrith)  (02) 97922399
 16mm BMS Rod x 2m (pivot pins)  Steel  $9.15  Onesteel (Penrith)  (02) 47291797
 32x8 Flatbar x 1 metre  Steel  $3.50  Metalcorp (Penrith)  (02) 47229186
 50x8 Flatbar x 1 metre  Steel  $4.20  Metalcorp (Penrith)  (02) 47229186
 75x8 Flatbar x 1 metre  Steel  $9.95  Metalcorp (Penrith)  (02) 47229186
 50x25x2.5 RHS x 2m (rear swingarm)  Steel  $14.80  Metalcorp (Penrith)  (02) 47229186
 Front Stub Axles (1 pair)  SW-10  $75.00  The Edge Products
 Stub Axle Acetal Bushes (set of 4)  BSH12-4  $16.00  The Edge Products
 Rear Axle 1 1/4" Bearings (1 pair)  UC-206  $40.00  The Edge Products
 UC-206 Bearing Flanges (set of 4)  PF-206  $14.00  The Edge Products
 Acetal Rear Pivot Bushes (1 pair)  SW-03  $12.00  The Edge Products
 Acetal Front Pivot Bushes (set of 4)  SW-08  $24.00  The Edge Products
 M12x18cm Hi-Tensile Bolt x2  Bolt  $7.95  Boltmaster (Penrith)  (02) 47223034
 Nuts And Washers For Above Bolt  Nuts  $2.80  Boltmaster (Penrith)  (02) 47223034
 Mk 2 Ford Escort Steering Rack  Steering  $65.00  Wreckers (Greenacre)  (02) 97071799
 Escort Steering Rack Bush  EscortBSH  $11.00  The Edge Products
 12mm Sutton Drill Bit  Drill Bit  $14.95  Bunnings (Penrith)  (02) 47338600
 1988 Kawasaki Road/Trail KLR650  Bike  $1300  Trading Post
 Chain Tensioner Rollers W/ Bearings  Roller-2  $44.00  The Edge Products
 Drive Chain  CH530-114  $45.00  The Edge Products
 Twin Piston Brake Caliper  Cal032  $120.01  The Edge Products
 Brake Caliper Mount  Sw032  $22.00  The Edge Products
 Rear Axle With Wheel Hubs  Axl-01  $230.00  The Edge Products
 Hubs For Sprocket And Brake Disk x 2  Mhu-01  $150.02  The Edge Products
 Brake Disk  Dbr-02  $55.00  The Edge Products
 50 Tooth Chain Sprocket  Spr530-50  $72.01  The Edge Products
 Front Shocks (1 Pair)  Shock390  $560.01  The Edge Products
 Rear Shock  Shock465  $290.00  The Edge Products
 5 Stud Rear Wheels (1 pair)  Wr5-03  $150.02  The Edge Products
 4 Stud Front Wheels (1 pair)  Wrq-01  $160.01  The Edge Products
 Rear Brake Master Cylinder  Msc-01  $45.00  The Edge Products
 Pushrod/Clevis To Suit Master Cylinder  Pshrod  $13.00  The Edge Products

After searching around for a while i found that Ezimetal at Wetherill Park in Sydney was cheapest for buying steel in bulk, but they do not like selling small lengths, while Metalcorp at Penrith do not mind selling steel in small lengths (50cm).

Price list continued...


 Part Name  Part No.  Cost A$  Supplier  Contact
 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  |||||||||||||||||||||


 Fuel Tank  Tank  $60.00  Bias Boating (Penrith)  (02) 47321960
 RCI Race Seat  Seat  $70.00

 Auto One (Beverly Hills)

 (02) 95021030
 RCI 5 Point Harness  Harness  $120.00

 Auto One (Beverly Hills)

 (02) 95021030
 Steering Rack Mount (Escort)  SW30  $48.00  The Edge Products
 Foot Pedal x 2  Pedal  $50.00  The Edge Products
 Gear Change Lever  HYP-14  $14.00  The Edge Products
 Stainless Brake Line  HSE-01  $92.00  The Edge Products
 Steering Column Bushes / Clamps  Column Bush  $30.00  Wholesale Suspension (Penrith)  (02) 47212112
 VL Lower Column  Steering Uni's  $30.00  Car Wreckers  N/A
 GL1000 Radiator  Radiator  $100.00  Bike Wreckers  N/A
 Radiator Hose (4 meters)  Radiator Hose  $30.00  Henry St Spare Parts (Penrith)  (02) 47314200
 Ride On Mower / Small Car Battery  Battery  $66.00  Penrith Mower Centre  (02) 47217744


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