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Sidewinder Buggy Page

Tools Used

Testing Pics
Main Frame Construction
Rear Swingarm Construction
Front Swingarms Construction
Steering Setup
Brake Setup
Pedal Setup
Motor Setup
Rear Axle Setup
Cockpit Setup
Tools Used
Price List So Far...

Heres some of the more major tools which will make building the buggy easier.
Below is my new CIGWELD Transmig 135 gas/gaseless mig welder which i bought from Bunnings for $694 reduced from around $800. It works a treat for welding the buggy. Before i brought this welder i was using an old arc welder which didnt know the meaning of "low amperage" and it loved blowing holes everywhere.


My new AEG power drill, has 7 different speed settings and plenty of torque which is just what i need. Im using it to drill all of the holes in the buggy. It has worked well so far.


Heres my trusty Hitachi angle grinder. I used this grinder to cut all of the RHS for the main frame. It worked quite well. I would still recommend that you buy a metal cutoff saw though if you can budget it in! It would definitely make building the frame a much quicker excercise.


Also heres my good old bench grinder, its about 15yrs old but still going strong. It comes in handy for gringing radius's onto the corners of your flatbar suspension mounts and also for grinding radius's into your RHS as required.


You will also require a general selection of hand tools to do various jobs as well. These include squares, tape measures, rulers, felt pen, protractor bevel, hacksaw, files, clamps, sturdy vice/workbench, e.t.c.