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Sidewinder Buggy Page

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Main Frame Construction
Rear Swingarm Construction
Front Swingarms Construction
Steering Setup
Brake Setup
Pedal Setup
Motor Setup
Rear Axle Setup
Cockpit Setup
Tools Used
Price List So Far...

Hey and welcome to my sidewinder buggy page. My names Grant and i live in the Penrith area in the outer western suburbs of Sydney, NSW.

The reason i decided to do this site was because i enjoyed looking at others peoples buggy sites to see the way in which they constructed their buggy and their different methods of doing things, and the way each buggy differs in small ways with different setups.

I plan to keep you guys updated on the progress of the construction and testing of my buggy and to give you guys plenty of pictures and detail as to what goes into making the buggy and applying the finishing touches.

Excuse the bad detail of my pictures as i only have my webcam/digital camera to use for taking pictures at the moment till the software for the proper digital camera is up and running. (won't work on xp for some reason)

Be sure to check out the picture pages to see the stages that i am up to and be sure to check back here regulaly for updates!

Add the site to your bookmarks if you like!

If you would like me to add a link to your Edge buggy site or have any questions send me an email.

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Here are some examples from the Edge's website of completed Sidewinders..





25th Marth, 2006

Finally took the buggy out for its first test runs. Went pretty well i reckon. Pics and some info in the testing page.

1st March, 2005

Well i have been doing little odds and ends over the past month just to finish up the main parts of the buggy. All of the welding is now completed (except for spotlight brackets at later date). I am now putting the buggy together. Over the past month i have put the axle together on the swingarm which included installing the keysteel and drive hubs, brake disk, sprocket, caliper, axle bearings and flanges. And the rear swingarm with axle fitted is now mounted to the buggy and shouldnt need to be removed again until after my test runs are complete and painting takes place. I also made up the chain tensioner as per the Edge's plans, so now the chain is installed as well, and i also brought a 14 tooth drive sprocket to fit on the engine output to get the right gear ratio (14-50 tooth on axle). Harness mounts are all welded on. And front swingarms are all together now and installed on the buggy with shocks and wheel hubs installed ready to attach the wheels when i get tires fitted in the next 2-3 weeks. The steering is also installed and ready to go. I am now basically just waiting on getting my ordering tires and getting them installed on the wheels which i recently painted chrome, still have to suss out the wiring harness for the engine as i did have the motor running using the harness from the bike, but then i cut off the ignition barrel to lengthen the wiring so it can be attached to the dash and now the buggy will turn over with the starter but it wont actually get a spark (currently being looked at by electrician). Also to finish it off i need to rejet the engine (im using a pod filter instead of standard airbox), get exhaust modified, make accelerator cable up and install a floor pan. Im predicting about 1 months work ahead of me till its ready for a test run. Pictures of various parts and assemblys have been added to the brake page, steering page, rear axle page, rear swingarm page, front swingarms page, and motor page.

27th January, 2005

Today i set up the gear change lever and got it all working sweet. The gear lever is in a different position to the plans because i couldnt get a good straight strong link between the gear change lever and the engine gear lever by mounting the lever in the position as per the plans. I actually like my position better, its more comfortable to change gears. Pictures in motor setup page. I also made a peice of aluminium plate up to mount to the frame behind the seat to mount the relays, cdi, regulator/rectifier, e.t.c on. Picture in motor setup page.

25th - 26th January, 2005

Spent the last two days fabricating up a frame for the radiator to mount onto, and installed and routed the radiator hoses from one side of the buggy to the other. Once the radiator was installed i was able to start the engine just using the original bike wiring loom unmodified, sitting on a stand next to the mounted engine, and using a bottle filled with fuel above the engine to gravity feed the carby till the proper setup is completed. The engine started first turn which was very nice to see. I still need to modify the exhaust and also move the airox as its in the way at the moment. I also welded up a holder for the battery on the left wing. Pictures of the battery holder and radiator fitted with hoses routed to engine are in the motor setup page.

18th - 19th January, 2005

Yesterday and today i finished up the pedal boxes, they are now completed which is now another thing out of the way. Pictures of the setup in the pedal page. I also got my radiator today from the wreckers, its off a 1975-80 GL1000 Honga Gold Wing, its the perfect size to fit above the fuel tank on the left wing of the winder. I got it for free as i traded some parts off the KLR650 i pulled apart  to take the motor and gave them to him as a trade. He originally wanted $100.00 for it. Its about twice the size of the original KLR radiator. Picture in the motor setup page.

13th January, 2005

Well i had a big break from doing the buggy over the christmas period but i finally got back into it today, today i made up the seat rails for the seat to be fitted to. Just made from 30x30 RHS which was recessed a little into the frame, pretty simple design, pictures in cockpit page.

24th - 28th November, 2004

Fabricated and welded the lower front shock mounts to the swingarms, i also had to cut off my front upper shock mounts and mount them a bit higher so that the mount holes were at the correct hieght (315mm above the 30x30 RHS for Edge shocks) pictures in front swingarm page. I also fitted the 20x20 rhs bracing to the rear swingarm and welded that on too, pictures in the rear swingarm page. I also extended the tie rods on the escort rack to the correct length, pictures in the steering page.

16th November, 2004

I finally have time to add another update. Since the last update i have been building the engine mounts and finished them today so now the engine is solidly mounted into the frame. Pictures of the mounted engine along with the mounts in the motor page.

10th October, 2004

Today i lent my welder to my brother to use for the day so i couldn't weld anything more to the frame. I decided i would put the frame on the ground and trial fit the motor to see how it fitted after i had done the frame mod. Stacks of pictures added to the engine page of the motor sitting in position.

7th October, 2004

Havn't had an update in a while as i havn't really done too much work to the buggy in the past month. I have been too busy with other things. In the past week however i have been building the supports for my dash and welded them to the frame. I also designed my own steering column support mounts to fit in with the modification i had to make to fit in my dash. I also welded in my escort rack mount. Check out pics in the steering page. I also brought a stainless brake line, pedals, gearshift lever and escort rack mount from the edge, pics in the appropriate pages. A VL steering column (lower section) was also purchased so i can now begin constructing my steering column, it was $30 from a local wreckers. Picture in steering page.

23-24th August, 2004

I am doing an apprenticeship as an Aircraft Engineer with Qantas and part of my TAFE course is that i do a composite material course (fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar). Part of the course is that we have to make something from carbon fibre. I thought what better a chance than now for me to make the dashbard for the buggy. So there you go, i made a carbon fibre dash for the buggy for free even though i used approx $200 in mterials, Sweet. Pics in cockpit page.

21st August, 2004

Today i measured, cut, drilled and tacked the rear upper shock mounts to the frame. Check main frame page and rear swingarm page for pics.

18th August, 2004

Today i recieved my shipment from the edge, they included front/rear shocks, rear axle with keysteel, front/rear wheels, 50 tooth sprocket and chain, brake disk, twin piston brake caliper with sidewinder mount, hubs to mount sprocket/brake disk to axle, chain tensioner rollers, brake master cylinder and i think thats about it. I have taken pictures of each item and put them in their appropriate pages. Tyres will be fitted in the next few weeks, i found a place in Penrith, Sydney who sells the Bearclaws and Frontmax quite cheap.

15th August, 2004

Today i cut the frame at the required angles to add the support peices for when the frame is dropped. Also today i cut the support peices and tack welded it all together. The frame mod to fit the motor is now pretty much complete, just needs to be fully welded which i wont be able to do until next w/end now, have a busy week ahead of work. Pics and progress in the motor page.

14th August, 2004

Today i finished off the inner rail mod which i started yesterday and today i also cut the outer frame where it will be dropped down to fit in the motor. Check out pics and progress in the motor page.

13th August, 2004

Today i strated to do the mod on the lower frame to be able to fit in the KLR650 motor, check out progress and pics in the motor page.

12th August, 2004

Today i brought the fuel tank i will use for the buggy. Its a plastic marine outboard motor tank of 22 litre capacity. Costs $60.00. Pics in motor page.

10th-12th August, 2004

  • Started fully welding the frame together, previously it was just tacked.

9th August, 2004

  • Today i measured, cut, and drilled the lower shock mounts which fit onto the rear swingarm. Picture of them added to the rear swingarm page.

4th-5th August, 2004

  • Measured, cut, drilled and tack welded the front upper shock mounts to the frame. Check out the picture in the Frame Construction page.

3rd August, 2004

  • Made the big decision today that i would use my tax return money to buy The Edge's front/rear shocks as well as rear axle, hubs, sprocket, chain, twin piston caliper, tensioner rollers, master cylinder, disk brake and wheels. Yes i know i went overboard. Once i had the order screen up i just kept adding items. Haha. I thought why not? I have the money so i might as well use the correct parts and make it a good build! Not saying that you cant do a good build without them. Parts should arrive in 2-3 weeks.

28th July, 2004

  • Today i brought my new mig welder, the old arc welder just wasn't acting as it should, playing up all the time. I bought i gas/gasless CIGWELD Transmig135 from Bunnings for $694 reduced from sumthin like $800. Dad works for a gas company so he can get discount wire and gas...sweet.

17th-24th July, 2004

  • Spent the whole week dismantling the doner bike and trying to get the bastard of the engine out, eventually it came out with a bit of cutting. Engine, dash, wiring harness and relay pictures added to Running Gear page.

12th of July, 2004

  • Today i added a list of prices i have paid for parts/materials at the stage i am up to at the moment, check it out in the navigation menu.

11th of July, 2004 (1st entry)

  • I have been working on the buggy for a few months now but have just decided to make a site about it
  • The main frame (40x40 rhs) is pretty much complete and tacked together awaiting final welding and i am now in the process of cutting all the smaller bracing (20x20 rhs) to fit on the frame.
  • The left and right front swingarms are constructed and tacked together and are just awaiting me to decide which shocks to use so i can fit the shock mounts and completely weld the swingarms up. (i hope to use the edge's shocks, will just have to save up for them)
  • The main body of the rear swingarm is constructed and fully welded and is just awaiting me to choose my rear shock so i can fit the shock mount correctly (again i will prob use the edge's shock)
  • About 2 weeks ago i purchased a complete and running 1988 KLR650 for $1300 from the trading post to use the engine, instrument cluster and some other parts on the buggy. The engine seems to run fine at the moment but will prob require a rebuild later on in the project after everything is up and running.
  • I am currently stripping the KLR down as can be seen in the pictures and am selling all the non-essential parts on Ebay to get money to buy the edge's shocks. Yes thats right i need the money, haha

Stay tuned for more updates!